What is an avatar in the metaverse and what is it for?

Avatars are one of the elements that would allow different sensations to be experienced within the metaverse, such as smell or touch.

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Swedish pop group ABBA performed concerts with state-of-the-art digital avatars that will “take over” from the band’s four septuagenarians.

It was not until just over a year that the term metaverse became popular due to the arrival of the new Virtual World of Meta, the name of the company that is in charge of Facebook. However, these virtual spaces or environments have already existed for a few years but with less technological development.

Due to the above, with the popularity that this concept took, there was one or another that also began to take relevance on the internet, it is about the avatars, the most important element to be able to understand the functioning of the metaverse.

These digitally created elements are responsible for populating the virtual environments, that is, they are the graphic object that represents the real users in the different virtual worlds.

Avatars, being the graphic representation of users who are entering the metaverse through their devices, are characterized by being customizable, since the objective is that people can project their own desired image in these virtual environments.

An example of this is Second Life, which has been one of the pioneers of the metaverse, on this platform users have the ability to characterize their avatars as they prefer, even personifying them as a fantastic creature.

What other uses do these avatars have in the new era of the internet?

In the case of Meta, the company seeks that these characters can be used to access other types of experiences that are not necessarily the digital worlds created by themselves, through alliances with third-party platforms and applications.

For example, branded avatars can be used in PokerStars VR games, Pro Putt by Topgolf, and Epic Roller Coasters.

Although the concept of an avatar does not imply that it necessarily has to be identical to the real physical appearance of the users, as is the case in Second Life, in Meta if this purpose is being sought and it can be seen in the way in which they create avatars through their social networks, where a photo of the person is uploaded so that an avatar that is most similar to them is generated.

What are the types of avatars that are being developed in Meta

The avatars that Meta is developing are intended to be compatible with virtual reality devices, so they are more complex to create than the figures already known in video games, such as the Sims or GTA.

The first type of augmented reality avatar is the one that is only visible from the waist to the head since it does not have sufficient tracking capabilities, that is, with it the movements of the lower extremities of the person cannot be identified. the actual person.

The other type of avatar is the full body one, but it is more complex to create and therefore they are still limited in the market because additional devices are needed in addition to virtual reality glasses and gloves to be able to replicate the movements of the legs and their positions.

In conclusion, avatars are a creation that has been perfected for several years, considering themselves as the forerunners of the current era, Bitmoji emojis in collaboration with Snapchat, which work not only for messaging but also for accessing online games. Social.