What do gamers think of the metaverse and its advertising?

44% would accept advertising in the metaverse if it provides free access to apps, games, or places.

35% of gamers acknowledge that they feel comfortable with advertising in a metaverse space . This has been revealed by the Metaverse Awareness Survey , compiled by YouGov and Globant . This study details the thoughts, attitudes and opinions that gamers have about this new digital world.

“Through this survey, we see that, although development is still in its early stages, gamers already see the technology as capable of expanding possibilities in the field of gaming , ” said Nicolas Avila , Chief Technology Officer at Globant North America. . “As knowledge and its capabilities become more common, we hope to see this sentiment spread to more people across industries.”

Advertising Caution in the Metaverse

According to the study, 35% of respondents feel comfortable with advertising, while 25% say they are undecided and 40% feel uncomfortable. 44% would accept advertising in the metaverse if it provides free access to apps, games, or places.

The survey also details that half of gamers are more interested in “playing” than “winning” but a significant amount of gamers see great value in mixing “play” and “earn”. The numbers break down as follows: 49% are more interested in winning, 11% more interested in winning, and nearly 40% would like a combination of the two.

According to the survey, just over half (52%) of gamers believe that the metaverse will change the video game industry and many of them (41%) think that the metaverse will have a positive impact on the industry (compared to 25 % who disagree). In fact, 40% say the buzz about metaverse games is justified, though nearly a third (30%) are undecided.

Major companies associated with the metaverse:

  • Goal (73%)
  • Epic Games/Fortnite (27%)
  • Roblox (21%)
  • The Sandbox (15%)
  • Niantic (10%)
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