Virtual reality technology into art

More and more cultural, entertainment, and tourism activities are organized in combination using virtual reality/augmented reality technology , bringing a new enjoyment experience to the public.

In recent years, the Countdown Lights festival at Nguyen Hue pedestrian street has become an indispensable New Year event for the people of Ho Chi Minh City. In 2021, because of the epidemic, the festival will change its organizational form, with a new look when combining traditional production with extended virtual reality (XR – Extended Reality) technology. In 2022, the Virtual Countdown Lights festival is an upgraded version of XR, bringing the audience to explore the “virtual universe” with 3 stages, opening the trend of “metaverse concert” in Vietnam (metaverse: compounded from meta – beyond and universe – the universe, roughly translated as a virtual universe where people “exist” in it, not just look at).

image 7
Pictures of the performance stage of My Anh before (left) and after virtual effects in Virtual Countdown Lights 2022

Taking place from December 27, 2021, the first reading culture festival is implemented using virtual reality technology in Vietnam. Accordingly, just by scanning the QR code, anyone anywhere can participate at any time, easily access valuable content and documents, explore many cultural spaces… as well as experience interesting facilities. taste on the basis of virtual reality . According to the organizers (Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture and Sports – the standing body of the Organizing Committee to celebrate Ho Chi Minh City’s major holidays), the combination of reality and virtual space helps effectively connect book lovers. , love to read, as well as spread the reading culture to everyone.

In the context of the epidemic, combining virtual reality technology to organize events is said to be a safe and convenient choice. The proof is that a lot of art exhibitions incorporating virtual reality technology have taken place recently: exhibition 0 essential (users only need to download the Seensio app, create a character, then join the event, freedom of movement and space exploration as well as seeing firsthand the works of art in a very “private” and interesting way); Exhibition “Xon Xao” in Saigon (an exhibition of graphic design combining augmented reality technology, visitors not only enjoy paintings in static form but also feel the movement and interaction with the works. when scanning smartphones and tablets with XonXao app installed); virtual reality exhibition “The Word of Heaven” introduces 32 paintings of musician Trinh Cong Son through the drawings of painter Le Sa ​​Long…

Not only that, this technology is also no stranger to the activities of the tourism industry, through the An Giang Tourism Virtual Reality Exhibition taking place in 4 periods; Ho Chi Minh City Online Tourism Festival (allows visitors to visit stalls, shop, etc. remotely via VR360 technology), or Tet Ta space on a virtual reality platform to restore traditional Tet values system and help those who are far from their hometown (cannot return because of the epidemic) can meet their loved ones in this virtual world without lack of emotion, opened from January 27.

Virtual reality technology into art - photo 2
Pictures in the exhibition 0 essentialJK

Deep impact on life

According to some event organizers, the application of virtual reality technology to the music industry as well as cultural activities, tourism … in the current context (when the epidemic is still affecting people’s lives). is a trendy choice, and will develop in parallel with the traditional (direct) form of organization. The proof is that rapper Lil Nas X’s virtual concert on Roblox (online game platform) attracted 33 million views or BTS ‘ online concert using AR/XR technology (in 2020) attracted nearly 1 million viewers. from 191 countries and territories and 2.7 million concurrent viewers (with the 2021 online concert), bringing them tens of millions of dollars. Meanwhile, the program Virtual Countdown LightsRecently, according to the organizer, has attracted more than 900,000 online views on the night of December 31, 2021 and about 2.5 million interactions on platforms. As for travel exhibitions on online platforms, customers and visitors can still close orders and shop as usual.

It should also be added that the construction of exhibitions and events in the “virtual universe”, according to Mr. Le Anh Quan – Product Director of JK Technologies, the company has many years of experience in the field of content development. The content and application of VR – virtual reality, AR – augmented reality technology, “really has an emotional effect on the participants”. For example, at the virtual reality 0 essential exhibition, the Seensio platform (developed by JK Technologies) simulated the entire real-life feel of the exhibition , and the participants were able to experience it according to their intentions. organize, interact directly with other participants, as well as talk directly with the authors of the works on display.

Regarding this trend, Mr. Le Anh Quan said: “Virtual universe” is gradually becoming an essential digital space for cultural and tourism events with the following advantages: the ability to reach a large number of users worldwide. the world without geographical or time limitations; save costs, build once and experience forever; the ability to preserve cultural and artistic values ​​when the contents are digitally converted and stored in the cloud… In addition, according to Mr. Quan, with the support of the world’s leading technology corporations such as Meta (Facebook), Apple, Microsoft…, metaverse is gradually gaining popularity in all fields and will soon become a technology platform that greatly affects human life.