ViewSonic introduces metaverse application in education

ViewSonic Corp – an American provider of educational and presentation solutions , officially introduced the latest EdTech solution called “UNIVERSE by ViewSonic”.

The beta version has been officially launched with a vivid 3D virtual learning environment. By creating a virtual world Metaverse, teachers and students can meet each other in digital space anywhere in the real world .

image 4
ViewSonic officially joins the metaverse in education

UNIVERSE by ViewSonic has many interactive spaces for teachers and students such as classrooms, halls and common spaces. Students can freely express themselves and interact with other students from all over the world through personalized avatars. The controls, communication and emotions are all intuitively built and easy to use for a lifelike experience.

For teachers, UNIVERSE by ViewSonic provides interactive teaching tools such as screen sharing, teacher camera presentations and quizzes and quizzes to meet different teaching needs. Meanwhile, students can participate in common spaces to study together or can also be arranged into separate classrooms for group discussion activities.

Finally, there are classroom management features, teachers can switch between teaching and discussion modes, combined with real-time reporting data automatically aggregated by the system. classroom information, student engagement, and focus so teachers can take immediate action to improve class quality.

It is expected that the official version of UNIVERSE by ViewSonic will be released in 2023.