This Is The First Shopping Center On The Metaverse In Latin America

A few months ago we gave an insight into the generation of Metamall, a fully interactive shopping mall in the metaverse, but it hasn’t been officially released yet. However, In our own region, the first 100% virtual center has just started. and operating, and here we show you what it looks like.

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Applying Artificial Intelligence and 3D modeling, Metaverse Slow an immersive digital platform developed by the software company Go2Future from 2019. The Argentinian company opened its digital shopping center in the southern country, where Consumers can interact with the brands or with a commercial representative from each of the stores present.

“This allows reaching the end customer in a more personalized way, achieving better brand loyalty. Metaverse Mall is the version of the metaverse focused on digital purchases and sales in a virtual way with a lot of realism »explained Eduardo Koglot, CEO Go2Future.

These experiences are rendered in three dimensions (3D) to convey greater realism, the main feature of which is to mimic the way it is bought and sold in physical stores. As specified that Forbes Argentinathe total investment is about 50 million pesos (about 380,000 dollars).

«Metaverse Mall solves the limitations of time and space that occur in physical malls. Although nothing is better than life in the real world, Metaverse Mall is a more accessible and easier version enjoy shopping with friends and family without leaving home »added the CEO.

This is the first shopping center of the recently opened Metaverse in Latin America
You can test every minute detail of the products with unquestionable accuracy compared to traditional retail.

The first center in the metaverse comes to life

in this environment avatars are not needed, and while browsing in the virtual world, the ultimate goal is the interaction between the consumer and the store to buy real products. They can interact with the first center in the metaverse In the following link which is open from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm (UTC Buenos Aires).

«In Metaverse Mall, for example, you can buy a motorcycle, test the lights, the horn before, see it from multiple angles, and observe details that cannot even be noticed in physical stores. Afterwards, you are served by a salesperson of the brand who gives you advice. It’s an interactive experience in real time »Koglot declares.

This is the first shopping center of the recently opened Metaverse in Latin America
Metaverse Mall seeks to bring physical shopping experiences to the virtual world.

Brands wanting to participate must pay a one-time initial payment of $10,000 and then a monthly maintenance fee of about $500. All brands handle the payment system and the options are the same as those available for e-commerce sales.

The appeal of the project is that it offers brands a hybrid experience between physical stores and online sales channels, where millions of digital consumers can be reached while reducing costs. After that, Metaverse Mall offers the possibility to be assisted by a representative from each business, where customers will be answered questions about the product, payment methods or delivery times through real-time communication.

Currently the project is already operating with several stores such as a brand of electric motorcycles from China and is in talks to add cosmetics, clothing and high-end smartphone companies.

This is the first shopping center of the recently opened Metaverse in Latin America
The first Metaverse Mall Argentina store.