The number of metaverse trademark applications in China is up to 16,000

Chinese companies are still “crazy” about the concept of the metaverse, which is billed as the next iteration of the internet, despite government warnings.

The number of metaverse-related trademark applications in China has reached new heights of 16,000, according to a February 22 report from Shanghai-based local media channel, citing data from National Intellectual Property Administration of China .

That number is nearly double the number of applications recorded two months ago, when the whole of China had a total of 8,534 trademark applications related to the metaverse, according to trademark tracking company Tianyancha.

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Although more and more trademark applications are associated with the metaverse concept, so far the Chinese government agency has only approved a few applications.

Although more and more trademark applications are tied to the concept of the metaverse, or yuanyuzhou in Mandarin, government agencies have so far only approved a handful of applications. Authorities also warned against the “abuse” of the trademark registration process, pledging to refuse to register a “malicious” trademark for the purpose of exaggerating the concept of the metaverse rather than for practical use. This is seen as the latest sign that the Beijing government is committed to curbing mixed speculation.

The China Mobile Communications Association for the Metaverse Consensus Round , a new state-backed association comprised of more than 100 companies, issued guidance on February 22, stating that the industry needs to prevent investment. market muscles and bubbles. “Illegal financial activities, such as creating fake metaverse investment projects and issuing metaverse virtual currencies, should be stopped.”

Metaverse refers to a lifelike virtual world where people can meet, work and play online using devices such as virtual reality (VR) glasses and augmented reality (AR) devices. . Advocates see the metaverse as the next iteration of the internet. Chinese tech companies have attempted to trademark the metaverse as the first step towards understanding the concept.

E-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding filed 31 metaverse trademark applications in September 2021 through its Singapore subsidiary, including several applications tied to company names and business units . such as AliCloud, Taobao and DingTalk . According to business registration tracking platform Qichacha, ByteDance also filed for six trademarks in October 2021. Video game and social media giant Tencent Holdings has filed 99 metaverse-related applications since September 2021.

According to data from Tianyancha, Chinese authorities have rejected a number of trademark applications in recent months, including those from China’s second-largest video game company NetEase, the home of China’s second-largest video game company. online video provider iQiyi is owned by Baidu and social e-commerce platform operator Xiaohongshu.