“The Metaverse will change everything”: Time Magazine

These last few months we have heard everywhere about the Metaverse. More and more institutions are seeing the importance of the next Internet era. This time it was the famous Time magazine, which joins this trend and dedicates an incredible cover to it.

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This fact, in addition to making me very excited, confirms the importance of this virtual environment in our lives. With the cover comes an article by Matthew Ball. I want to take advantage of this space to reproduce the most  interesting and outstanding parts , in my opinion. I share it below.

The world’s largest public companies (Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, Tencent, and Facebook) are busy preparing for the metaverse . They are reorganizing internally, rewriting their job descriptions, rebuilding their product offerings, and preparing for multi-million dollar product launches.

Think of the metaverse as a parallel virtual plane of existence that encompasses all digital technologies and will even come to control much of the physical world.

The next evolution (of the internet) seems to be a persistent and “living” virtual world that is neither a window into our lives (like Instagram) nor a place where we communicate (like Gmail), but one in which we also exist.

Each (internet) era changed who can access computing and network resources, when, where, why, and how. The results of these changes were profound .

We must recognize that confusion, fusion, and uncertainty are prerequisites for disruption .

The metaverse is not Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, or any other game; these are virtual worlds or platforms that are probably part of the metaverse, just like Facebook and Google are part of the internet. For similar reasons, think of the metaverse as singular , just as we say “internet” and not “an internet”.

Another frequent fusion is the one between the metaverse and Web3, cryptography and blockchains. This trio may become an important part of the making of the metaverse, but they are simply principles and technologies.

The metaverse should not be considered as a new version of the Internet, nor as something that will replace all mobile models, devices or software. It will produce new technologies and behaviors . But that does not mean that we leave behind what we prefer.

While it’s impossible to say when the metaverse began, it’s clearly well underway .

Numerous “proto-metaverses” have emerged that have not focused on submission or speculation, but on collaboration and creativity . Every decade, the realism of these worlds improves, as does their functionality, value, and cultural impact.

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia, believes that the GDP of the metaverse will eventually surpass that of the “physical world” .

The idea of ​​the metaverse means that more and more of our lives, work, leisure, time, wealth, happiness, and relationships will be spent within virtual worlds, rather than just with the help of digital devices. It will be a parallel plane of existence that sits on top of our digital and physical economies, and ties the two together .

The companies that control these virtual worlds will be more dominant than those that lead today’s digital economy.

The philosophies, culture, and priorities of the companies leading the age of the metaverse will help determine if the future is better or worse than our current moment , rather than simply more virtual or more remunerative.

It is essential that we (users, developers, consumers, and voters) understand that we still have authority over our future and the ability to restore the status quo , but only if we act now.

This moment of change is our opportunity to bring people together, transform industries that have resisted disruption, and build a more equal global economy.

The entire article is priceless . It’s a great overview of what is, and what can be, the Metaverse. I invite you to read it at You can not lose this.

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