The Metaverse, The Largest New Expansion Opportunity For Companies

The IS metaverse “It is shaping up to be the biggest new growth opportunity for various industries over the next decade, due to its ability to enable new business models, products and services and act as a means of participation,” according to a report from the consultancy . McKinsey & Companyincluding a survey of more than 3,400 consumers, executives and experts worldwide.

Looking ahead to 2030, the electronic commerce which will be the main source of revenue for the Metaverse, and beyond virtual learningan advertising market and video games. However, they emphasize the consultancy that their impact will be manifested “in very different ways throughout the entire value chain”.

In fact, 95% of business leaders consulted estimate that a positive impact in their sectors over a period of five to 10 years, with 31% believing that the Metaverse will change the path of understanding and developing work activity.

For the consumersThe study reveals that, among more than 3,000 million people with access to the Metaverse worldwide, 59% prefer the experience in this environment before their physical alternative.

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Riu Hotels & Resorts is one of the first companies in the tourism sector to explore the options offered by the Metarverse.

“The Metaverse represents a strategic turning point for businesses, providing a significant opportunity to influence the way we live, connect, learn, innovate and collaborate,” said Eric Hazan, senior partner at McKinsey & Company.

On the other hand, the McKinsey study shows that the investment in the Metaverse more than $ 114,000 million between January and May 2022 – about 110,000 million euros-, more than double the entire 54,200 million of 2021, thanks to major technology companies, emerging companies and brands try to capitalize this growth. market.

Investment in Metaverse is currently led by major technology companies, such as Meta, Microsoft, Apple or Alphabet, which are “deliberately taking steps to shape the Metaverse”

Together with these companies, the venture capital “investing heavily in this space,” though large corporations and brands taking steps in this sense, with the aim of “pursuing innovative ways to get ahead of your competition”.

However, they suggest from the consultancy that in order to ensure successful adoption of the Metaverse, companies must “develop. long – term strategyable to identify opportunities and risks ”.