The ‘father’ of Metaverse launches its own blockchain project

Neal Stephenson – who first coined the concept of the “metaverse” 30 years ago, is about to launch a blockchain project called LAMINA1.

In 1992, writer Neal Stephenson first introduced readers to the concept of the metaverse in the science fiction novel Snow Crash . He is also the person who is “dubbed” the most when Facebook announced to change the company’s name to Meta with the ambition of opening the era of the virtual universe . Besides writing, the 62-year-old writer served as a future strategist for augmented reality (AR) company Magic from 2014 to 2020.

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Writer Neal Stephenson coined the term “metaverse”

Despite saying he has no connection with Meta’s ambitions, Neal Stephenson is also hatching his own blockchain project called LAMINA1, in partnership with former Bitcoin Foundation company president Peter Vessenes. On June 8, Peter Vessenes officially announced this project in an article posted on Medium .

In the article, Peter Vessenes said the LAMINA1 blockchain will act as the “background for Open Metaverse”. He describes the LAMINA1 project as a place “closer to Neal’s vision – a place that prioritizes creative people, both technical and artistic , a place that provides space computing technology and is a community. can help those who are building the metaverse.” Vessenes also mentioned that the blockchain will be carbon negative.

Talking about Neal Stephenson’s role in the LAMINA1 project, Vessenes said: “Neal will bring the vision, wisdom, experience and core goals to the project, such as helping artists and creators achieve pay their fair share, improve the environment… and move towards a true Open Metaverse instead of a Metaverse controlled by monopolies.”

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Blockchain LAMINA1 will be the foundation for a metaverse close to Neal Stephenson’s vision

Although there are still not many details about the project at this stage, but Joseph Lubin – co-founder of Ethereum was one of the earliest people to invest in LAMINA1.

Vessenes currently works with technical partners, business partners , artists and investment funds to make the project a reality in the fastest time possible.

Recently, writer Neal Stephenson also shared some thoughts on the metaverse on Twitter, as he predicted most of the metaverse would be displayed on 2D screens instead of VR glasses (virtual reality), but he acknowledged the prediction. My guess is not entirely correct.

At the time of writing Snow Crash , Stephenson did not expect that video games would be distributed to consumers in such large numbers as now. “Thanks to games, billions of people are comfortable navigating in 3D instead of flat 2D screens,” he tweeted. The user interface they have mastered (WASD keystrokes and computer mouse) is not what most sci-fi writers would have predicted.”

He thinks that modern games will still be played on computer screens, if there is a change, it will be a combination of 2D screen and AR / VR technology , not just VR completely. The ideal scenario for him would be a human navigating and interacting in a 3D environment using a computer keyboard.