The 5 New Jobs That Will Emerge With The Metaverse

The concept of the metaverse is becoming more popular around the world, especially since Facebook changed its name to Meta. In this way, as this new industry becomes established in the market, new jobs will be created based on the new demand in the sector.

We review below some of the new jobs that will be in demand in the future as the meta progresses, although it is quite clear that many of these jobs will emerge and be created in the coming years. to come still unknown and probably not even possible to do. imagine from now on our current optics.

In this way, these spaces where people interact through avatars have started to emerge, creating new needs and promoting the appearance of new careers and jobs. Experts warn that the creation of the metaverse will depend on many specialized users and that this will lead to the creation of new professions.

First of all, developing the sites and spaces of the metaverse: from museums to offices that go through parks and all kinds of virtual places, probably high demand for developers on these virtual reality ecosystems. Now, in addition to jobs like this or the offers of engineers and technical experts, other types of jobs and skills are also needed.

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In this way, in addition to the designers who will create the new environments, professions like the social e-commerce. In this case we are talking about shops where it is possible to trade physical goods or accessories as interesting, for example, clothes for avatars.

In addition, we see other particularly strange professions emerging around the world such as professions metaverse tour guide These professionals will dedicate themselves and be in charge of acting as guides in the different dimensions of the new virtual environment, which is quite surprising at the moment, because we are not yet used to this type of alternative realities .

Thanks to the metaverse, careers as interesting as digital will also emerge Fashion designer. Basically, they will be fashion stylists who will help users create avatars and fashion styles or clothes according to the personality that each user wants to portray. They will essentially be fashion consultants dedicated exclusively to working in the virtual world.

Finally, we can find other professions related to advice in the metaverse, but this time in the fields of law and investment. As in the real world, companies with a presence in the metric will need to develop skills internally to deal with issues that arise in these environments.

In this way, professions like the metaverse lawyers They will be necessary to be able to define in a concrete way what the laws of this new world are. Although this view seems extremely futuristic, experts agree that this is already present and that these professions that are so new to us are only the beginning of all those that will emerge and are being created right now to develop and use this space. and development in a healthy way free for all, these are likely to be the professions in which future generations will work and will be seen as these new spaces develop and become part of our daily lives.

50% more in salaries in the metaverse compared to the current ones

On the other hand, one of the aspects that experts highlight when analyzing the prospects of the future labor market of the metaverse is the increase in the salary level of professional profiles. In this way, These professionals indicate that the increase in salaries can be fifty percent compared to the current ones for profiles such as Community Manager. Likewise, as can be seen, almost half of the offers analyzed relate to working remotely.

On the other hand, users with knowledge of Web3, decentralized finance, NFT and blockchain will quickly find opportunities in this sector without having many years of experience within the metaverse.