Safe Sex In The Metaverse? Durex Registers Its Brand To Sell Its Products In The Virtual World

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There is no sector of reality that resists entering the wonderful world of the metaverse. The latest example can be found in the well-known condom brand Durex, a firm that has registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the metaverse and will present contraceptives and virtual sex toys. In addition, Durex is considering the possibility of creating NFTs.

Is there sex in the metaverse? Better to be warned thanks to Durex

It is clear to the experts: sa metaverse We will be able to do everything, even have sex, and it is for this reason that Durex decided to take advantage of this opportunity and offer users another option to have safe virtual sex by creating new products for this universe.

According to the registration made with the USPTO, this company has patented its brand in the metaverse to perform various actions, these include developing downloadable multimedia files containing graphic content related to contraceptives, virtual condoms, personal lubricants, sexual massage, vibration, personal hygiene products, personal wipes and health and wellness products for use in the online virtual world, as well good for blockchain applications.

Durex plans to create NFTs in the future

On the other hand, from Durex considering registering their brand to create NFTs or non-mixed tokens and also for downloadable cryptographic keys for receiving and spending encryption, for downloadable software for processing digital images and electronic payments, for downloadable software for electronic wallet services, for electronic wallets downloaded, and for downloadable software for use as cryptocurrency or digital. currency and virtual currency, among other interesting options.

Mike Kondoudis, a popular trademark attorney, has released this news via Twitter, also coinciding with the moment Tinder, the most famous dating app in the world, decided to postpone its plans in the Metaverse.