Only 16% Know What Metaverse Is

Metaverse is definitely terminology of the modern society. However, recent research demonstrates that only 16% of people really understand what Metaverse is. Therefore, there is a question – do marketers and the whole society catch the whole sense of the virtual space. Find more news on the GBC Time website to stay tuned for updates.

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The Meta company is sure that virtual reality is the next stage of the social media evolution. Despite the great plans of the developers, people are still not aware of the metaverse details. Moreover, the marketers still do not know how to use it for advertisement and promotional campaigns.

In May 2022, the Dept provided a survey of 2 000 consumers about Metaverse. The main object of the survey was their knowledge about the space. All the responders were aged 18 to 60 and located in the US.

Such data may be helpful for the brands that are planning to launch the service in Metaverse.

The survey results

The responders were asked if they were aware of what Metaverse is. Only 16% of consumers do really know what that is. Such a percentage is almost on the same level in all age groups.

The web3 expert Paula Marie Kilgarriff is sure that the brands should stay away from the phrase “the one metaverse”.

There are perspectives

Despite the low level of awareness, people demonstrate the desire to get deeper into the terminology and the Metaverse itself.

41% of the consumers are extremely curious about the Metaverse. And that is quite obvious because of the NFT popularity growth worldwide. However, 68% of people do not see any value in NFT.

Conclusion for the brands

It is important to be straight in mentioning the metaverse for the consumers. They might not know what Metaverse is, but they do know what the virtual exhibition is. By using the right terminology, the effect will be much better.