Milo Lockett: “The Metaverse That Gives Us An International Projection Of Artists”

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The famous Latin American artist Milo Lockett landed on the Web3 and the crypto art universe with rude, a series inspired by the elephant, its most representative character. It is a collection adapted to these new languages ​​and formats that also includes pieces such as VR glasses, laser vision, masks and drawings mapped exclusively for the collection. The combination of all these features gave the collection more than 250 properties, making it more attractive in terms of creativity and future value.

rude It was designed in collaboration with The Collections team, an ecosystem that aims to bring Latin American artists to Web3, and the animation and design studio NeoDG. Since The Urban Planet We chatted with the artist to ask him what impressions and challenges his first contact with NFTs gave him and if he believes that the future of art is crypto.

–How did you prepare for your first foray into the world of crypto art and NFTs? What is in the collection and what is special about it?

–I didn’t know much about NFTs, even I think most people who enter this world have a lot to learn. The metaverse lives in constant mutation, it is something that is growing week by week. After learning a lot about the subject and getting advice from specialists, I decided to land on Web3 with rude.

It is a collection inspired by the elephant, the character that has represented me throughout my career and embodies respect, humility, power, wisdom, protection and love. I made over a hundred unique brush and fiber illustrations by hand, which were then captured in 3D with a team of digital artists. In addition to having spiritual qualities, the elephant has a very specific shape and volume which, when transferred to the 3D Universe, makes the collection much richer. I think it’s a collection that reflects my leitmotif: that there is a painting of mine in every house in Argentina.

Therefore, we decided to design 11,111 NFTs; Of course, unique pieces, worked by hand, in which I participated very deeply from the beginning of the work. All the time I was present at work, unlike other collections that are often the artists to lend only the name.

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–How was the process of creating or adapting the work to this new language?

–The first step was to choose the character: we all agreed that the elephant was the right element to embody this project. Then came the most complicated part, which was choosing all the properties and attributes that would be attached to it. We seek to link them to the metaverse and the prevailing language of Web3. Within these unique elements we consider the hearts, flowers, butterflies, crowns, crests, eyes, ears and various trunks, which are typical pieces of my paintings, but with a twist, considering the metaverse program.

This is how we dye the features of textures such as wood and glass, and with colors such as silver and gold. The next step was to work on some graphics, in which I had to paint a lot while putting together the algorithm to encrypt them and preparing the fusion between the digital and the physical, to look for the format of the work and giving him his track. There was a lot of teamwork with The Collections and other digital artists to achieve a perfect result.

–And what is the difference between digital creation and physical creation?

– Unlike the physical, it seems to me that what is in space, in the metaverse, is a completely new and different world, which makes it extremely interesting. It is incredible to think that this virtual work is “encrypted” and that she has only one person. That increases its value.

-One of the most discussed aspects of the NFT is how it has put the culture of traditional art in crisis, in the sense that it is more democratic in terms of the possibilities of creating and buying art, and also regarding price and property transparency, in the case of artists. benefit. What do you think about its implications in the sector, given that there is already talk of a third art market?

-I think it is a new language and we have to accept it, because at some point it will be part of our lives. What we cannot do is deny it. It seems to me a very democratic world.

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–Do you consume any artist’s works in NFT format?

–Yes, I love the work of the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. What I see and rescue from his work is the ability to lead the viewer to reflect on his childhood love of anime and his studies in traditional Japanese painting, as well as being a star in the art auctions of millions of dollars and in great collaborations.

– Are there any new influences on your work, whether from technique, format or theme, that you can tell us about?

-This cryptographic art is very interesting. Although I continue to physically paint every day, the cryptographic work has given me many emotions. Recently, we had the opportunity to present the collection at the fourth edition of NYC.NFT, where the main references in the industry came together. For me, it was a great honor to be able to present rude in an event around the world. I want to encourage other Latin artists to encourage themselves and launch themselves into Web3, into this world of the metaverse that gives us an international projection that was more difficult to achieve, through traditional art. Latin American art is incredibly rich and diverse, and it deserves to be present in this new ecosystem.

“We decided to design 11,111 NFTs; Of course, unique pieces, worked by hand, in which I participated very deeply from the beginning of the work. I was present the whole time, unlike other collections where the artists often lend only the name.”

–In this changing context that develops day by day, what projects await you from now on?

-This year I am very committed to it rude, we are going to carry out various activities within the framework of the launch of the collection. Together with The Collections team we will be coordinating talks, live shows, meetings and, soon, we will be participating in an important global crypto event. In addition, we recently entered into an alliance with Qurable, the first global web 3.0 marketplace for exclusive and highly curated collectibles in NFT format.

Thanks to this alliance, the entire Latino community became interested rude a friendly interface and the possibility to buy NFTs with FIAT currency (fiduciary currency) will be available after the pre-launch on the official page of At the same time, I am working on the Parque de los Deseos in Córdoba, the result of a book written during the pandemic; I have several trips to Argentina, and between February and March next year I’m going to do a little trip around Europe.

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