Metaverse Workers Fear Being Watched By Their Bosses

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Workers of theacross they do not share their leaders’ enthusiasm for working in this new virtual reality environment.

The IS metaverse is one of the most exciting things about the future of entertainment. However, working in this environment might not be so pleasant, according to the results of a new survey.

Working from home has its advantages. You don’t have to take off your pajamas and you don’t have to put up with unwanted colleagues at your desk telling long boring stories about whatever boring things they did in their lives over the weekend.

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A big advantage of it remote work that is, you can work wherever your computer is. So you can sit in that cafe and look at the sea or a landscape that you like while your activities are going on.

There is also another great thing about it worked remote. The idea of ​​working in the metaverse. Although it will take some time to figure out how to sit in virtual chairs or get the right virtual sales meeting tactic, this is a fun idea. Join us with colleagues online in the virtual office with the waterfall and the zen garden can only be a good thing, right?

However, despite all the good things a virtual workplace has to offer, employees can have negative things. ExpressVPN commissioned a study, in association with Pollfish. They interviewed 1,500 employers about working in this new environment.

More technology, more productivity

With the takeoff of remote work, both workers (90%) Like the employers (88%) agree that technological progress has led to increased productivity. And they feel more connected to their co-workers. The employees say that the video conferencing (27%) they feel more connected and involved.

Employers also say video conferencing (32%) is the best method. But also like the idea of ​​working in the metaverse (17%) as the best way to keep in touch with your employees. On the contrary, only 9% of employees think the same.

In general, employers are more excited and curious about the metaverse than their employees. Employers say they are excited (66%) Y optimistic (54%) to work in this environment. Employees say it generates anxiety (24%)suspected (20%) and they feel they will confused (17%). A major concern here is that the metaverse creates opportunities for workplace surveillance.

The authors of the report maintain:

“The IS software Employee monitoring is now a common way for employers to keep tabs on their employees, and the metaverse will only increase the potential for surveillance activities. Looking at existing surveillance tactics, 73% of employers admit to currently monitoring their employees.”

Workers of the metaverse and their concerns

When it comes to workplace surveillance, employees say they are concerned about three things. They are concerned about their location being tracked in real time (51%), monitoring your screen in real time (50%) and Trace their working time (47%).

It is not wrong for employees to feel this way. Employers want recording workplace meetings (42%)track time (39%), track real-time location (39%), and monitor screens (39%).

According to Harold Li, Vice President of ExpressVPN:

“Given the reluctance of many workers to accept more surveillance in the workplace, employers should be careful when planning to implement more monitoring activities in virtual workspaces and consider whether the chance is worth it that there will be a loss of confidence and satisfaction among their employees.”.


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