Metaverse Can Bring Customers Closer: Expert

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Since Chavo of the Eight his breweries, the invasion of a larger number of Mexican companies in virtual reality, from the metaverse or release of digital assets called NFTs (non-mungible sign) is growing in the country as an alternative to improve the relationship of large companies with their clients.

According to the CEO of Brainlup NFT Lab, David Royconsumer, entertainment and sports companies will adopt this technology with greater force, in an initial market where knowledge and professionals are needed to develop new products.

“There is a lack of job offers in the whole topic of blockchain development. Mexico is a power in human capital and, technologically, a lot of progress has been made, but there are not many developers, in Mexico and in the world. Companies like it Target either Google they pay 200 to 300 thousand dollars per year to blockchain developers”, he explained.

The firm specializing in the development of strategies to enter the virtual reality such as metaverse or the issue of NFTs, highlighted that there is still a long way to go in Mexico regarding the possibility and the information that these new trends and their applications bring ahead. business.; However, more companies in almost every sector are expected to enter with more force.

“I see more companies adopting this technology. A lot of them are not going to mention the word NFT like that, but they will be referring to digital assets, digital memberships,” he said.

In general terms, the specialist highlighted that with the implementation of NTFs, blockchain or a greater invasion of virtual reality, the whole industries will create new opportunities, because it is necessary to know how to take advantage of this technology to earn more money, to de-spoil. and strengthening brands through direct communication with consumers, teaching how to monetize the community of followers, giving benefits and creating more loyalty.

“At the end of the day, they’re looking for another option to engage with the community,” Roa said.

In the case of NTFs, he explained that these are digital assets that can be sold and have a smart contract and a certificate of authenticity, so it is possible to offer exclusive content that gives more exclusivity to fans and users of a sports brand, product. or equipment, among others.

In the opinion of the specialist, 99% of the blockchain projects, cryptocurrencies either virtual reality They tend to fail if not properly designed and executed, due to the limited supply of trained professionals in the field.

According to Statista, at the end of 2021 the metaverse value reached 500 billion dollars, but is expected to increase to 2.5 trillion dollars by 2030.