Metaverse And Data Centers, In The Focus Of Companies

Did you know that according to the latest predictions from Gartner, By the year 2026, 25% of the world’s people will spend at least an hour a day experimenting with the metaverse.? More and more companies are investing in technologies that promote immersive experiences for people.

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For example, microsoft Activision Blizzard, one of the leading video game developers, was acquired for over 68 million dollars (mdd), and, Google He has been developing technology related to virtual and augmented reality for several years.

In the real estate industry, data centers, already promoting digital ecosystems and interconnection, are technologies that go hand in hand with the expansion of the metaverse.

Likewise, i the real estate sector has attracted the attention of companies in the metaverse with applications like virtual tours, since this type of technology creates a digital space through avatars and because it is a live experience, it provides a sense of individual presence.

However, so that all of the above will continue to growInvestment in more and better infrastructure is also needed to support the amount of data and information the real estate industry needs, such as data centers, said Jorge Sapién, who runs KIO Networks.

Data Center projects grow in Mexico

The company’s data centers, which promote digital ecosystems and interconnections, are technologies that go hand in hand with the expansion of the metaverse, because behind every online game, meetings through avatars or visits to real estate, there are all the services and infrastructure that host those experiences.

The metaverse will be so popular, Sapién said, that it will reach a value of 13 billion dollars (mdd) worldwide by 2030 and in Latin America alone it represents 5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2031, according to the firms Citi GPS and Analisys Group.