Meta introduces the +18 tag in the metaverse to control the content presented to children

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Meta, the company that owns Facebook, has decided that Horizon Worlds, the platform where creators have to build their places in the metaverse, add a +18 tag to control the content that is presented to children.

This does not mean that it will be possible to access pornographic content in the online world of Meta, only that the worlds that include intense violence, alcohol consumption and gambling, for example, will have exclusive access to adults.

The tag will also include sexually suggestive content, such as images showing near nudity, as pornographic or sexually explicit content remains prohibited in the metaverse.

With the addition of the new +18 tag, the creators of Horizon Worlds must define whether or not their spaces in the metaverse are appropriate for all ages. Those who already have creations available should update the settings as soon as possible, otherwise the content will automatically be set as appropriate for adults only.

Metaverse: the Brazilian church organizes services in the virtual temple

A Brazilian evangelical church has created a temple in the metaverse, where the faithful are invited to participate in virtual services and pay tithes via QR Code.

This is the Lagoinha Baptist Church, which created the first virtual Brazilian temple, called LagoVerso. There, customers are encouraged to use hashtags to spread the word of God, socialize with the use of avatars, and virtually listen to praise.

Folha de S. Paulo spoke with those who witnessed the cult in the metaverse, which includes preaching, singing praises and the participation of presenters who preach the propagation of the word of the church even in the virtual environment.

To join the cult in the metaverse, you need to use a computer and virtual reality glasses. Then, the faithful must install the AltSpaceVR platform, create avatars, add the code of the day’s activity on the platform and enter the metaverse, where in addition to the church itself there are several different rooms.

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