Justin Kan, Co-Founder Of Twitch: Enterprise And Metaverse

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Twitch co-founder Justin Kan discussed immersive and immersive reality in gamingand explored the origins of the world’s largest streaming platform, which today has more than 150 million users.

During a conversation with the journalist Consuelo Saavedra on the program “Fís na Ceannairí” of Banco Itau, Kan recalled the start of Twitch, a platform he created in 2007 with his partner Emmet Shear, who came to revolutionize the digital world, because anyone can broadcast live there.

“It started with a completely different idea, because we broadcast our own lives on the internet, with a site called Justin TV. It was novel at the time, because no other platform allowed this. Today Facebook, Instagram, YouTube do it,” he said.

For this technology to work, these entrepreneurs had to commit a lot of time and infrastructure, inspired by users asking how they went live. It was at the moment that “lit the light bulb.”

“Being an entrepreneur was part of my identity. We decided to do this full time, because I wanted to make a decision about my future, and that’s what I was holding on to. In addition, my family is entrepreneurial and I have always seen that example,” explained Justin Kan.

So, for 7 or 8 years, Twitch was only focused on streaming gaming content, but then it grew into the Top 20 in the US.

Justin Khan and the metaverse

Currently, gamer culture is strongly associated with virtual reality and, therefore, with the development and evolution of the metaverse. Chinese, When asked about the future of video games, Justin Kan pointed out that people are already saying that this technology is “here”.

However, in his view, the metaverse is not necessarily the only fully immersive digital universe.

“The metaverse is like the internet and people have many different pockets, they like different digital experiences. There will be more games to be created in this digital world, where people spend time and interact socially, but personally I’m all for blockchain technology within games, where you have additional features like a wallet, account, and things are yours. Others can own and build their own gaming ecosystem”, said Justin Kan.

From your point of view, this gamer model is the one that promotes an open economy, offering a more realistic economic environment, similar to that of the real world.

“In today’s video game model, there are companies that make all the digital content and sell it to players. The reward for this is going to be a real ecosystem, where a third party economy is thriving,” he said.

Content that connects

Currently, Justin Kan is dedicated to generating content on his personal YouTube channel, where he tells stories and talks about startups and entrepreneurship.

From this experience, he advises that the creation of online content should be based on what the entrepreneur likes to do, since in this way it is shared as something authentic and unique; that is, content that connects with an audience.

“You should really love it, so you don’t get bored or tired. So, the second step is consistency over time. You always have to learn from what you’re doing, try new things and see how it works.”