Is it worth investing in metaverse?

The metaverse is a digital scenario that represents the new version of the internet as we know it, opening key guidelines for it.

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  • There is an ISDI study that measures the future projections that exist before the metaverse, encouraging investment in this scenario.
  • In an investigation by Goldman Sachs, the market potential that exists in the metaverse was also defined.
  • Tidio decanted the benefits that Internet users find when entering this virtual scenario.

The value of investing in advertising and marketing strategies in the metaverse contrasts with the investment attraction that other digital channels make. There are important insights of the value of the digital medium, revolutionizing the segments in which the opportunity to advertise is given. A great example of this is the investment in the video game medium, with the streaming revolution, this industry adds according to projections by PwC and Omdia , an expected investment of 4 thousand 410 million dollars for this 2022. The scenario to advertise in digital is expanding and to this extent we are seeing a key development in the market.

The metaverse has significant potential in the social network market, where the guideline of brands in advertising already considers media such as video game streaming or streaming apps with subscription models that include it.

There is an ISDI projection , which shows how important the metaverse has become as a future trend, with percentages that measure in Mexico, what opinion users have of these platforms.

At this point, despite the fact that the establishment of the metaverse ecosystem has been recent , there is already talk of possible benefits of this digital space, according to research by Tidio , where 39 percent recognize that it will help overcome common obstacles in the day by day, for example, people with different abilities.

37 percent recognized in this study that it helped them improve their creativity and imagination; Another group that also gathered 37 percent of sympathy for the same concept, assured that it will allow traveling around the world without moving.

To people interviewed by Goldman Sachs , the firm concluded that the potential of the metaverse market could range from a $3.75 billion opportunity to $12.46 billion.

Benefits of investing in the metaverse

Alejandro Paltas , Director of Open Programs at isdi Mexico, assures that when it comes to investing in technology, there is no bad way to carry out this exercise.

“Returns have always been exponential in technology, not only in a technological context, but also social, cultural, and so on. If perhaps we had asked ourselves this same question 22 years ago, during the internet boom, when these big ones fell, it was believed that it was absurd to make those investments, but at that time some invested and today we have monsters like Google, Facebook, Amazon, there is a lot of investment, not as much as it should, but we will most likely see innovations in technology. And to those who bet on the metaverse and not only on it, there are six technologies behind it, which are having an impact, the universe of possibilities is enormous”, he says.

With this in mind, an important trend has been precipitated in the market and it is the one that has to do with the opportunity that brands have found in technology and in making this channel a unique opportunity to scale in the face of consumer decisions.