Include Knowledge Of Metaverse In The CV

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In the middle of 2021, the term ‘metaverse’ began to be heard more strongly, just after the CEO of Meta (the new name of the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram), Mark Zuckerberg, said that the world was virtual. It is the next step in the evolution of the Internet and how people connect. It’s about creating an alternate universe where more opportunities are offered, including work.

Thus, the metaverse is an extension of the real world. In other words, they are virtual environments where one can interact with others, see a museum, fly, run and work, through avatars of oneself. It is a parallel universe, completely virtual and immersive. Approximately 3,000 million euros could be added to the global economy in 10 years.

Facebook changed its name to Meta to be recognized as a company belonging to the metaverse. In addition, he announced that he will create 10,000 jobs in Europe to create the virtual world. Which means that new opportunities open up to hire employees and it will be necessary to include information about the metaverse in your CV.

Keys to adapting curriculum to the needs of the metaverse

To apply for a job in the metaverse, a traditional resume is not valid, it needs to be adapted to the new needs of this virtual space.

Next, we highlight some keys that you must implement in your CV so that you can be part of this new digital experience:

One of the options the metaverse offers is that you can record yourself on video and bring your personality to your resume. In a short and precise recording you can summarize your experience and special skills and explain why you are a good fit for the vacant position.

You can set up web chats, which is an automatic communication system through applications. This is a data exchange where you can also participate in browsers in a live video chat.

Also, you can use links to your CV such as videos, games or music.

One advantage of writing a resume for a job in the metric is that it’s more fun and you can use your creativity to present the information in an original and innovative way. It’s a far cry from typing bullet points into Microsoft Word or LinkedIn text boxes.

That’s another big advantage there are no boundaries of any kind and, therefore, there are no standard formats, moving away from the characteristics of traditional CVs. It’s as simple as sharing your LinkedIn URL!

Tips for finding work to create the metaverse

The jobs that Meta will create are focused on areas such as engineering, product design and management, among others. They are related to augmented reality, virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, 5G Technology and Web3. In addition, many other companies like Epic, Roblox, Snap and OpenSea are investing in the creation of the multiverse, so the job offer in this sector will be great.

Still, the metaverse is much bigger than Meta. In fact there are thousands of companies that are already creating their own.

Other professional profiles they will look for in the development of the metaverse include: metaverse research scientist, ecosystem developer, metaverse hardware generator, metaverse cybersecurity, and metaverse planneramong others.

Note the following tips for finding work in metaverse creation and information to include on your resume!

1. Fluency in metaverse concepts

There are many job opportunities in the metaverse and they will certainly continue to increase, so you are advised to invest effort and time in learning these virtual reality concepts. A full and solid understanding of the field’s terms will be essential when writing your CV to apply for a post related to the metaverse.

Learning the basics of AR, VR and XR technologies, as well as the components of the metaverse architecture, is an important step in creating a professional career in this new era of the internet.

2. Develop technical knowledge and experience

Recruiters for metaverse related jobs will be looking for candidates with technical knowledge and technical experience. Therefore, it is time to develop them. Focus on areas such as programming languages, front end, backend, and distributed digital systems, among other skills.

Your resume should reflect your creativity and artistic skills, as these will be needed to design virtual worlds and experiences. There are online courses, boot camps, or college courses that can develop the technical expertise and fluency you need in job metrics profiles.

3. Create professional networks

An interested person must work on the creation and development of the metaverse of professional networks, as well as create professional connections and meet more people in the sector, to access more job opportunities.

It is a good way to participate in local events related to this topic. In addition, you can register with metavariable platforms such as Decentraland, Roblox, and The Sandbox to find job recommendations or meet future peers.

4. Build reputation

The metaverse is a relatively new field, although it has been talked about for years. Nobody is an expert yet or there aren’t many, so this is the best opportunity to develop your career and build a reputation, as well as create a professional brand and build a portfolio.

A metaverse portfolio should include new and innovative creations, unique design sketches, avatars, and original product design templates. In addition, you can create creative social media campaigns and even your own NFT. Be a talent and ability that will look great on the CV!

5. Strengthen your image

It is not enough to develop the points we have mentioned above. You need to strengthen your image as an expert in the metaverse, where you convey confidence and experience. One way to do this is to write interesting blogs and articles that are published on popular platforms like Forbes and HackerNoon, who are always looking for something relevant to post.