How To Consolidate The Relationship With The Client In The Metaverse

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The metaverse is presented as the potential dominant space in the Internet of the future because of a experiential and immersive character in which our digital avatars will be able to perform a series of tasks such as working, learning, buying… Although its consolidation is uncertain and there are many doubts whether it can be established in reality as proposed by large companies such as Meta , it is true that companies are investing a lot of money and resources to ensure their place in this new digital world, with the goal that the metaverse opens up new opportunities with each client.

The metaverse is conceived as a new way to connect and interact with customers, so knowing how to consolidate relationships in this space will be essential in the coming years. As the metaverse was raised, their environments will allow us to talk and interact with the brands and each other, through our avatars or by connecting directly to video chat and voice chat portals.

No one knows exactly how we will ultimately use the metaverse, but technologies like virtual reality are making a big comeback. However, emerging metascopic platforms such as Sandbox claim that it is the decentralized and user-owned element will be a fundamental part of the experience, which will affect the relationship between companies and customers.

The IS growth of digital channels has occurred in recent years with the aim of adapting to new customer needs, chatbots have thrived with AI, video chat, customer experience and other emerging technologies. An example of this is CaixaBank and Microsoft created an AI innovation lab and metaverse.

As Forbes explains, companies entering the metaverse have confidence, from entertainment brands like Disney to financial services giants like JP Morgan Chase. customers are increasingly satisfied with the service they can provide through new digital channels. As investment increases, we can expect these offerings to evolve to take full advantage of convenience and presence available by digital interaction.

The importance of customer experience in the metaverse

The fact that now value positive and efficient customer experiences more than traditional factors Evaluating companies, for example price or product quality, is essential to understanding the value of the metaverse of customer experience. The idea of ​​the metaverse is interactions between users (customers) and brands with which we want to spend money to be more attractive, so to speak immersion loyalty.

Explain Forbes when avatars connect with each other, as in the virtual world of Meta’s Horizon, the an opportunity to observe and measure body language in new ways. This can include hand gestures, facial expressions, and a whole new visual language that develops to deal with the Declining Social Interaction, just as emojis became a big part of text-based conversations.

It should also be remembered that companies and brands will learn to observe, measure, capture and analyze this data to find out how they can interact with us more effectively. Communication in the medium could take any form, from text to speech, video and synthetic content. Companies and organizations that take full advantage of the opportunity that the metaverse is said to offer will thrive an omnichannel approach to extracting insights from all this information and use them to make decisions focused on the customer experience.

Automated customer interactions

As artificial intelligence improves, self-service channels are a more efficient option. As companies improve their customer service in this way, they collect more and more data on how to do it effectively, resulting in more accurate and precise automated customer service.

For example, Chatbots will evolve from text boxes that we are used to now, with their somewhat unpredictable level of success when it comes understand our questions and find the most appropriate answers. As deep learning algorithms improve, it should reduce the number of times they have to call a human agent to lead the conversation.

Study found that between 2017 and 2019, the percentage of chats that could handle end-to-end customer inquiries increased from 20% to almost 70%. Undoubtedly, brands will embrace this technology as they enter the metaverse space and offer customers faster and more convenient ways to solve their problems.

in metric, brands are expected to implement 3D digital assistants to act as virtual tour guides, personal shoppers, problem solvers, advisors, or any of the other roles your human agents can provide in the real world.

Article Images: GuerrillaBuzz Blockchain PR Agency, Unsplash