How Can The Metaverse Affect Different Areas Of Life?

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I guess you’ve heard about the Metaverse, right? If not, let’s talk a little about it. Let’s put it this way, the Metaverse is a form of space generally in 3D or virtual reality that expresses different types of social networks so that different users can share different common interests within the virtual world. This can be a blessing for many people in Spain and around the world, since it greatly facilitates the way to express themselves and thus develop visual artistic developments, but for others it can create certain negative consequences. Therefore, this article is to determine how the metaverse affects different areas of life directly or indirectly.

Economic impact

The operators of the Metaverse platform charge commissions for every transaction made. The infrastructure for high-speed Internet must be expanded. User hardware drives sales for tech companies from Nvidia to Microsoft. Cloud providers, mobile and internet companies, cryptocurrency exchanges, and tech giants are pushing the technology to market and making it a desirable environment. The economic losers of development are almost all companies that have no role in the metaverse, whether they like it or not.

psychological impact

Recent studies show that excessive Internet use may be associated with character alienation. If people are now making their money in the metaverse and keeping their contacts there, the incentives to be in the physical world are reduced, and as a result it may become a trend not to leave your own four walls , to allow the neglect of the real. body and live only for the virtual world. If one’s happiness depends on the appreciation of virtual achievements in the metaverse, the foundation of interpersonal relationships and affection, so important to personality development, disappears.

Ecological impact

At this point it is interesting to note the pros and cons of metaverse. On the one hand, that there are more networks, more technical devices and more use of classic cryptocurrencies found in current platforms like Changelly according to the general description of the cryptocurrency, of course means more energy consumption, natural resources for technology and interventions in nature. to enable servers, data lines and energy infrastructure. This would exacerbate the negative consequences for biodiversity, as well as environmental and air pollution. On the other hand, the widespread use of digital solutions could reduce a significant part of the traffic and could reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

Political Implications

The loss of control of state institutions is now continuing in virtual worlds. If the judges still have difficulty understanding the dark classic in law enforcement and criminal prosecution and using proper methods to prevent public crime, of course this will not get any better in the second more immersive virtual world. Of course, there is still no legal framework for activities, rights and obligations in the meter; it is doubtful whether this could ever be different.

However, the first political reaction is likely to be individual taxation of digital value creation, as has long been the case in the market for buying cryptocurrencies and online trading. Now would be the right time to take system design seriously and lay the foundation for a fairer, if not real, world on an almost blank sheet of paper.


Judicious use of digital technology can build bridges, but escaping into virtual worlds can be addictive and complex real-world problems. In particular, there is a great danger in the concentration of power in the metaverse, since the motives of the target company and the company are not based on the common good, but on increasing profits due to the system. While the development of digital art is guaranteed, the real-world consequences of the uncontrolled development of the metaverse could push civilization into deep crisis, as if we didn’t already have enough of that.