Holidays In The Metaverse? 21% Of People Like This Idea

In 2030, 21% of people expect to be able to travel abroad in the metaverse, which is already emerging as a very interesting alternative for holidays.

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What if we could virtually enjoy the GLORY of the Great Wall of China from the comfort of our own home? The increasingly ubiquitous metaverse holiday experiences are possible that are very different from what we are used to. And although it is easy to argue that the real world will always make the virtual world pale (especially when we talk about travel), the truth is that many people are not opposed to a holiday in the metaverse in a way be.

According to a recent study in Germany by Bitkom, In the year 2030, 21% of people expect to be able to travel abroad in the metric. Among young people between 16 and 29 years of age, this percentage rises to 26% and falls, on the contrary, to just 15% among people over 65 years of age.

However, and despite the fact that virtual travel embeds many possibilities in its manipulation, Most of the people (87%) accept that tourism will continue to play a dominant role in the future.

The digitization of tourism cannot be completely stopped

“In the metric we can rediscover the world and have experiences that would not be possible in reality. Virtual trips to the depths of the ocean or to the perfect past in the metaverse are possible and we can also enjoy them in the company of others”, explains Bernard Rohleder, CEO of Biktom. “Furthermore, and even when travel does not actually take place in virtual territories, digital devices and the internet are an integral part of most people’s holidays,” he says.

The IS digitization of tourism which is already more significant today, even stronger in the years to come. 66% of consumers predict that online travel booking platforms will dominate the world of tourism in 2030. A much less promising future, however, awaits the traditional travel agencies. 65% predict that they will grow up until they die. Among young people between 16 and 29 years of age, this percentage rises to 75%.

It should also be noted that today More people book their holidays through online platforms (53%) than through traditional tour agencies and operators (45%).

On the other hand, Sustainability is taking deeper roots in the tourism industry and it is already noticeable in the habits of travelers. And 44% of consumers would even agree to pay a surcharge to compensate for the damage their travels cause to the environment. However, the same percentage of consumers (44%) will not make changes to their travel habits in their favor sustainability.

However, 16% of people already feel overwhelmed by the “flight shame” or shy to fly and 30% take the time to find out about airlines measures to protect the climate before booking a trip.