Football In The Metaverse, This Is How Intergalactic Football Presents Itself

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Before I talk about the project we are focused on today, let me explain what the metaverse is and why I think the press is getting away with the concept.

On the one hand we have Virtual Reality, a technology that allows us to enjoy immersive, three-dimensional environments by wearing special glasses. We can enjoy these experiences without the need to connect to the Internet, without the need to meet new people or anything similar.

On the other hand, we have the metaverse, a network of Virtual Reality environments that can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere in the world. The promised metaverse would be similar to the one in the book (and movie) Ready Player One, where thousands (or millions) of people put on Virtual Reality glasses to share virtual spaces with their avatars.

This metaverse is far from reality. The same VR experience can be shared with a dozen users, but calling it a metaverse is an exaggeration.

That’s why I comment that the non-specialist press is getting away with the concept, because there are many companies that do something with Virtual Reality, they call it metaverse, and they present it to the media to see if it works he.

Not everything that uses Virtual Reality is Metaverse, as much as some may want to deny it.

The funny thing is that there are other projects that describe metaverse without even having experienced Virtual Reality. If everything that connects people from different parts of the world is a metaverse, then the Internet would be a metaverse by definition…

What is Intergalactic Football

With the introduction done, let’s see what he does a project that brings together two very tasty words in the SEO world: soccer and metaverse.

It is a game that allows the management of a soccer team, a live multiplayer game, where we can create and manage our own soccer club. The clubs will play in leagues that would take place on different planets, with a map on their platform to discover them.

By registering we can get a pack of players and choose tactics to grow the team. The first season of the game starts tomorrow, August 5th, so it’s already open for anyone to try out.

Soccer club in interstellar football

Interstellar football

As soon as we register, they encourage us to create a football club. Once the name is decided, we open the envelope of the players assigned to us. Here is the result:

Each player has his file, with his personal characteristics and the possibility of sending him to another club.

Here is the club’s star player record WWWhatsnew:

Interstellar football

We start with 100,000 coins to be able to make transactions, which allows us to go to the existing market and buy new players (or sell our own)

Interstellar football

The game begins

Tomorrow sees the start of the first season of interstellar soccer, with over 90 coaches and teams participating in the first alpha season of the game, feedback is needed to improve interstellar soccer for the upcoming alpha and beta seasons come.

They want Season 2 to have a more complex player transfer system, and gradually bring the experience to something more immersive.

Soccer in the metaverse?

No, this is a soccer team simulator like many others on the market. There isn’t even a blockchain to guarantee each player’s ownership (if there is, they don’t comment), no VR, no multiplayer immersion or Ready Play One.

There is another thing what they want to create in the future, but for now, nothing surprising.