Facebook metaverses may be for people over 18 with violence and half-naked

Meta will allow digital creators to catalog the age of the metaverses in Horizon Worlds.

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Meta wants Horizon Worlds to be the place for work, entertainment, and fun in the metaverse. | Source: Meta

Meta has announced that it will allow creators of digital worlds to be able to create metaverses for those over 18 years of age on its Horizon Worlds platform.

Through an email, the company has indicated that users will be able to classify the contents by age, thus allowing them to enter topics such as nudity, blood, promotion of games of chance and soft drugs such as marijuana and alcohol.

Metaverses with limits

Meta , the matrix of Facebook, will be able to create their own worlds within the metaverse and classify their works by age. Otherwise, it will be the company itself that is responsible for labeling them.

Of course, that there are permissions for content for people over 18 years of age, does not mean that there is no control in Horizon Worlds.

For example, Meta notes that explicit content and content that promotes illegal drug use, crime, or physical violence is prohibited.

Added to this is the interest in avoiding acts such as rampant bullying , as it introduced “personal boundaries” in Horizon Worlds and Venues earlier in the year .

Horizon Worlds: Meta’s Metaverse

Horizon Worlds first launched as an Oculus social platform called Facebook Horizon in 2019 and was released into beta later on. Users appear as avatars with only their upper bodies and can build their own custom worlds.

Meta considers virtual reality (VR) as the gateway to the metaverse , but this division of the company is causing great financial losses. Despite this, the company will continue betting on it.