Experiencing pain in the metaverse

Japanese startup H2L has developed a wristband that can transmit pain sensations to the wearer while they experience the metaverse.

According to Interesting Engineering, Emi Tamaki – founder and CEO of H2L has been quietly researching this technology before the metaverse became a craze. Due to a heart condition, she is unable to travel and enjoy things the way a normal person would. After experiencing a near-death battle as a teenager, Tamaki decided to explore tactile technology to give physically weak people the opportunity to travel around without risking their lives.

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H2L’s wristband

According to Tammaki, the goal of H2L is to free people from the constraints of space, time, and body. With haptic technology, the company has developed a glove that can track the contraction of muscles in the arm, allowing avatars in the virtual world to simulate movement. of the wearer. The armband uses electrical stimulation to make the muscles in the arm feel what’s happening in the virtual world. In this way, the wearer can feel the weight of an object in their hand, the weight of a ball, or the sensation of a bird pecking on their hand.

Experiencing pain in the metaverse - photo 2
Armband wearers can touch objects in the virtual worldH2L

Tamaki believes that by feeling pain, users will have a more immersive experience in the metaverse.

H2L’s products are currently only sold in Japan for 9,980 yen (1.8 million VND). With Sony’s backing, the H2L armband may soon be launched in the global market.

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The prototype of the tactile glove was revealed by Meta late last yearMETA

The metaverse craze makes the wearable technology market more exciting than ever. Besides small companies like H2L or HaptX, “big” Meta is also raising the ambition to develop tactile gloves that can be used in the metaverse along with the Oculus Quest glasses .