Do you know what the Metaverse is and do you contemplate it in your strategy?

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ISDI, Digital Business & Tech School, confirmed that few professionals in Mexico understand what the Metaverse is, and fewer apply it in their business strategy

Miguel Alegre , CEO of ISDI Mexico , pointed out, based on the results of the survey “Professionals facing the construction of a future in the Metaverse”, that the main opportunity of the Metaverse is the knowledge of the concept.

And that the role of leaders is fundamental, because they must prepare human talent and company processes so that there is an understanding of how the virtual world operates and lead the cultural change of organizations.Of the people who say they have read about the subject, which is equivalent to 26 percent of those surveyed, only 13 percent said they understand how it works and the applications to their business.

The black in the rice

The survey identified that less than half of Mexicans are willing to invest, and little, in knowledge and technologies related to the Metaverse.

Only 43 percent are willing to invest between 5 and 10 percent.

The main reason for these results is the lack of clarity, information and the idea that there is a long way to go before the Metaverse arrives.

As far as Mexican companies are concerned, 40 percent affirm that the issue is not addressed within the interior and that it is not a priority issue, although they do not rule out that it will be in the future.

Companies are now in a research phase: 40 percent of companies say that the Metaverse is not an issue that has been addressed within their organizations as a remote priority topic, although they consider that in the future it could be.

The five points of this roll

 In light of this, ISDI shares five actions leaders should consider regarding the Metaverse.

  • Anticipate and plan for the future: preparing in advance will allow a better placement as an expert in this universe;
  • The priority is not only the business but the people;
  • Education is key : those who have the knowledge in advance will be able to better integrate technology and have better prepared teams;
  • Promote a safe environment to experiment with technologies and concepts belonging to the Metaverse.UX;
  • The User Experience, or user experience (UX) and the customer journey, or customer experience: essential aspects in the Metaverse.