Cryptoeconomics: The Metaverse Could Generate 10,000 New High-Tech Jobs

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Facebook is already “Meta”. And the whole world is developing towards it digitization. The Metaverse’s intrusion into society means a revolution of our social life, but also at work. According to Sergio RamoCEO GroWZ Consultants and expert in hybrid business models, “Social, economic and labor relations will take another step forward with the introduction of the Metaverse: this model will allow combining a “virtual” presence with the benefits of an online relationship“.

The Metaverse is described as an “expansion” from the physical world into the virtual world that would allow attend events and meetings online with an avatar of some kind. Therefore, it is a space that can connect physical and virtual reality.

In a working world where we already include virtual meetings in our daily lives and where they are combined with face-to-face meetings, The Metaverse is the logical answer to a hybrid format that we are already suffering”, Sergi Ramo points out.

Does the Metaverse mean more job opportunities?

With this new approach, new employment opportunities are presented. In fact, according to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook (or Meta), will 10,000 jobs across the EU in the next five years. And these jobs will be completely technological, bringing digital opportunities and new ways of teleworking.

In addition, according to Bloomberg, the metaverse business could generate up to 800,000 million dollars in 2024.

Telework from the Metaverse

Telecommuting is already an established concept in our business models, however, online employment and remote collaboration will be consolidated in the Metaverse with virtual meeting spacesreach working agreements and interact “in the first person” with the rest of the co-workers.

“In this new work reality, they will be trained new work teams Alot technologically qualified and with a fully interconnected labor relationship”, Ram thinks.