Can Apple Destroy Zuckerberg’s Dream Of Building The Metaverse?

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Meta, a company it used to be Facebooksure that the future of the company, and of the Internet itself, goes through that kind of virtual world, where you work as well as travel or have a home, called metaverse. A project for which, at the moment, the foundations are barely visible, and the technology company is not alone. Not much less.

Recently, Mark ZuckerbergThe CEO of Meta, shared in a conversation with his employees that the company currently maintains with them Manzana “a very deep philosophical contest” for the future of the metaverse.

According to the specialized media ‘The Bank‘, who had access to recordings of the conversation, the father of Facebook believes that the difference in approach between the two technologies will “determine which direction the internet should go.” “It is quite clear that Apple will be a competitor for us,” said the businessman.

It should be remembered that, according to numerous leaks, Apple will show its first mixed reality viewer -technology that combines virtual reality and augmented reality- in late 2022 or early 2023. Which suggests that the firm with the bitten apple will begin to compete with Meta, sooner rather than later, in the hardware market that will make possible the immersive metaverse that Zuckerberg promised a little less than a year ago.

According to the businessman’s expectations, Apple will promise to create more expensive devices than those of Meta and on ecosystem – software – more closed nor the one who wants to build his company, which recommends – at least for now – the decentralization of the new internet. That is why he announced a few weeks ago the adhesion together with Microsoft, Epic and other businesses with the initiative called Metaverse Standards Forumwhich is specifically aimed at creating open solutions that can be used in all tools to promote the metaverse regardless of who is behind it.

“This is a competition of philosophies and ideas, where they (from Apple) believe they build a better experience for the consumer by doing everything themselves and by closely integrating,” Zuckerberg said of what he hopes will happen with the company. apple at the moment when he finally decides to compete in the construction of the metaverse.

In fact, everything indicates that Apple will begin to take the first steps in the market for extended realities, the one that Zuckerberg hopes to move hundreds of billions of euros by the end of this decade, in the coming months.

Tim CookApple CEO, who has not shared concrete plans, but yes It is recognized that Cupertino sees “a lot of potential” in the metaverse, so it has been “investing accordingly” for some time.

Apple and Meta, two opposite poles

Consult ABC, share pioneers of the new virtual realities, like Edgar Martín-Blas, executive director of Virtual Voyagers, one of the small companies specialized in the creation of metaverses, is particularly optimistic about the future of the Internet at the time the iPhone company enters the business. In particular, in relation to the marketing of virtual and augmented reality hardwareso far, many residual.

“Apple has users who are true fans. When they announce that their glasses are there when the thing is going to explode in the end,” says the executive of Virtual Voyagers who emphasizes, in turn, that the apple company has not presented a new device for a long time day, so it’s already time. you dare to enter a new segment.

And it is that Apple does not invent anything, but it democratizes ‘girlis’ as it is known. It has already happened with smartphones, tablets, smart watches or wireless headphones.

The relationship between the iPhone company and Meta, moreover, is not the best for a long time. Mainly because of the new privacy tools promoted by the apple company, which prevent social networks like Facebook and Instagram from tracking users’ navigation outside their platforms. Which greatly affects the advertising business of the company owned by Zuckerberg.

According to the latest estimates, Apple news costs about Meta €10 billion: more or less, the investment the company has made in building the metaverse in that time.