Artist paints on the metaverse virtual universe

An American artist under the pseudonym GabeGault has made many admirers with his talent for painting on the metaverse through virtual reality glasses .

The artist GabeGault’s real name is Gabriel Gault. Gault uses Meta’s Oculus virtual reality glasses to role-play in the metaverse and draw via the controller. He then posted videos of drawing in the virtual universe on social networks TikTok and Instagram.

image 5

As noted on Instagram, Gault has dozens of works of art , mainly portraits of celebrities and graffiti street paintings. This ‘metaverse’ artist got his attention from the Spider-Man Miles: Morales video . This work spread very quickly on social networks, attracting more than 5 million views and tens of thousands of comments and shares.

Besides painting on the metaverse and posting videos on social networks, GabeGault also sells NFT works, priced from 0.35 to 0.55 Ethereum .