4 Fatal Mistakes NFT Creators Make in 2022

NFT expert exposes the reasons why your NFTs are pits of eternal doom!

AZUKI NFT Project huge failure associated with the founder being linked to multiple rug projects.

Over the course of time since 2021, designers and artists have been working on their NFT projects and have sold out plenty!

As time passes now, many projects are struggling to sell out, even those of which backed by celebrities and huge names. Why?

Simply because the NFT space has changed. In the early days, it was the hype market, so sellers took advantage, rode the wave and sold out as many NFTs as they could. Once utility NFTs were introduced, their numbers went drastically down.

And now that anyone and everyone could provide some form of utility, the NFT market has gone from the seller’s market to the buyer’s market.

As it should be.

The general people now have the power to compare and contrast what they get in return from buying each NFT.

That being said, how does one actually sell out a collection?
Let me tell you 4 huge, instant death, fatal mistake that creators make that brings failure and doom to their NFT projects.

Buyers can start looking for red flags illustrated in this article too!


You see an NFT project and the art looks awesome!
But who is the person behind it?

Is it a famous actor, rapper or football player?
What are they saying about NFTs and Web3?

Asking yourself these questions will lead to immediate research on the founder of the project.

How long have they been tweeting about their NFTs?
Have they made any videos about their NFTs?
Doxxing is easy, especially for a celebrity. But how serious are they about it?

Are they treating this as a marketing campaign or a quick cash-grab?

Guess what? BOTH ARE NOT GOOD!

An NFT project is FOREVER! It stays on the blockchain!
Anyone who is creating an NFT project needs to realize that their NFT project equals their own reputation.
If their NFT project is a scam, then the founder is a scammer!
If the NFT project is a huge success, then the founder is hugely successful!

This is the mindset that helped Gary Vee make VeeCon2022!

VeeCon 2022 Live now at Minneapolis, Minnesota

Veefriends= Gary Vee

Your NFT Project= Your Name/Reputation.

Anonymity is the #1 failing mechanism in NFTs!


There’s Bored Ape Yacht Club, then there are about 5000 different types of apes-based projects.

There are Okay Bears, and then the recently Opensea-delisted Not Okay Bears.

If your project is a derivative of another project, chances are that your project is a rug pull scam. And as of the time in writing this, I am highly confident in my readers that they would know a rug pull scam when they see one!

You can’t create a bunch of ape artwork, sell it and do everything Yuga Labs did!

Instead, think of something that no one has done before!

Each and every NFT project is unique and the roadmap of it is up to the founder and the team.

Hit me up if are stuck for ideas, I might be able to come up with something for you.

Do anything, just don’t be a copycat!


NFTs are largely based on communities. The stronger the NFT community is, the higher their floor price will be and the higher their traded volume will be.

It’s as simple as that!

Unfortunately, this is where most NFT creators fall short!
They think of this phase as marketing! IT’S NOT!

Marketing is what you do to attract customers. For a community, you need communication and complete, concise community-building activities.

Stop treating everyone as your customers.
Stop expecting everyone to buy your NFT.

Start by thinking about what you can give them.
Start by thinking about how you can make their lives better.

Many NFT creators who think of community building as a marketing strategy, often try and fail, then they use “promoters” and “influencers” to build hype.

Their followers will be at the 10-thousand mark or even more, Discord members will be at the 20 thousand mark or even more, but these numbers mean nothing. Simply because they are all BOTS!

It’s all fake profiles that have little to no engagement. And once you see any NFT project that has a majority of bots, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING IT!

It just goes to show that the team cares more about profits than actually having a functional community!


For an NFT project, roadmaps are ultimately necessary!
They will make or break a project, literally!

A single unexpected flunk out of the roadmap smells huge trouble for your project!

A roadmap is supposed to be a guideline for the team to deliver WHAT THEY CAN!
and for holders to know WHAT TO EXPECT!

Many projects in recent times just blatantly lie about their roadmap, and once their project is minted, all you see and hear is

“Coming Soon.”

“We are working on it”

“Thank you for being patient”

It may take months or years for them to actualize their roadmap!
And what kind of assurance as a buyer, do you have that ensures the roadmap will be achieved for you to reap your benefits?


There are about 10 main steps required before releasing an NFT project!
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As a creator, ideas are your most valuable asset, but they can quickly turn into a liability if you over-promise and under-deliver.

Stop thinking about the second drop, or your next collection!
Why do you need more people to buy into something that you can’t even fulfill now?

Working on your community, 24 hours a day is not enough, you will need a team, you will need consultations and you will need help!

Don’t be afraid to ask for it, don’t be overly-skeptical of it!

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