We make
a clear path
to the
MetaVerse .

With real experiences, ideas linking the virtual
and real worlds are formed.
What we make ?

Generate ideas that link between the virtual world and the real world.

Projects are created under the theme SocialFi, Metaverse, AI, BigData, RealEstate and one of them is completing the first steps of the project.

Enhance the experience
Enhance the experience

We put the user's experience on top of our goal to create project ideas

Leading project
Leading project

Our project minimizes duplication of original ideas as much as possible

Problem solving
Problem solving

We set up a project to fix the shortcomings of Blockchain

Leadership team
Leadership team

Partnership with AR VR company in Dubai

The real world

Find out
what issues
are affecting


Solve problems
by applying
AR and VR technology

Talking about the NovaVerse project

Integrate Metaverse
into Real Estate.

Completion level
Elevate the experience

Application of the project’s ecosystem through virtual reality. Enhance user understanding and experience

Continuous progress updates

Buyers know project progress through virtual reality anywhere, anytime.

NFT Marketplace

Use NFT instead of legal documents to own land or houses



Together we created 4 potential projects that no one else has done about SocialFi, Metaverse and BigData.


Working hours were spent

Together we solve problems that are lacking in Blockchain and difficult to solve. Determine which path should be taken in the world of Metaverse


We help to achieve
mutual goals.

Project Metaverse

“The idea is nice. It reminded me of an episode from Black mirror”

Alex Regelman

Co-founder & CEO , AR VR Dubai

Code Quality

“5 stars for the idea. It would be very good project in Blockchain right now”

Stacey Rickson

Project Manager, Dubai

Project Metaver

“Interesting it is. Needs to be scoped out to check viability and investment attraction. Conceptually - very good”

Sharae Moji

Co-Founder, Blockchain India

non-profit initiative

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